Our Ethics Policy

UrbanTech is an independent media brand focused on the nascent urban tech sector.

As such, we strive to maintain the highest standard of professional, editorial, and moral ethics in our work.

All to say:

  • When we make a mistake, we will strive to correct the error promptly and disclose the correction to our audience as quickly as possible.
  • Given the topics we cover, the worlds of cities and tech, we believe in not just focusing on the aspirational excitement of the space but building a media brand that sheds light on the inequities in these spaces.
  • We will always maintain the privacy of UT sources, subscribers, and partners.
  • The stories we tell are because we find them compelling, important, or just purely interesting.
  • Outside of UrbanTech, JT occasionally consults with startups, founders, and companies on media strategy. No companies he consults with receive any special editorial benefit in UrbanTech.
  • I pay for all of my travel and expenses while traveling for UrbanTech.

Questions or concerns? Email john@urbantechnews.net